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About us

Almanor International is the result of the union of a group of top executives with great experience in market development.

Almanor was born at the end of 2010 with the aim of supporting foreign companies in their entrance to the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Common dilemma to all organizations undertaking international growth processes is the uncertainty and risks that opening a new market has.

Important decision are to be made: What is the best approach for this specific market? Should we grow organically or inorganically? Does my Value Proposition fit the local market? What is the local market environment like? What is the best entering strategy?…

Almanor International is here to ease your way throughout the entire process, by providing continuous information, support and market visibility. Almanor International will be with you until you feel you are ready to go on your own.


Our Mission is to ease the market entrance process of our clients, while we provide them with visibility and control.


Investment Support
Looking to invest in Spain or Portugal? Almanor International will support you in the entire process to make sure that you maximize your efforts.

  1. Investment Search – Assets, Local Companies, etc.
  2. Identification of Opportunities
  3. Assessment and Follow up
Market Entry Services
Almanor International will support your organization in its entrance to the Spanish or Portuguese market. These are some of the related services that we can offer you:

  1. Local Partner Search – Distributors, Partners, Investors.
  2. Creation of local Infrastructure – Company, Offices, Employees, other.
  3. Market Intelligence
  4. Market Development
  5. Business Support
  6. Support on Local Qualification/Registration Processes
  7. Tender Participation Support
Trade Missions
Almanor International organizes trade missions of Spanish companies into foreign markets, as well as of foreign companies into the Spanish market. For these, we normally collaborate with governmental and private organizations abroad.
Local Outsource of Resources
Looking to source a certain product from Spain or from a country abroad? Almanor International will assist your organization in finding the right suppliers and support you in the process of negotiation and agreement.
Trade Fairs/Exhibitions
  1. Trade Exhibition Promotion – Commercial promotion of foreign trade shows worldwide within the Spanish target industries.
  2. Trade Exhibition Missions – Almanor International prepares trade missions of Spanish buyers to foreign trade shows.
  3. Trade Exhibition Assistance – Almanor International provides local support in the organization of Trade Exhibitions in Spain and Portugal to organizations that want to participate as exhibitors.
  4. Trade Exhibition Visiting – Almanor International participates in local exhibitions as a visitor in the name of foreign organizations. We will introduce your organization and make the necessary business contacts without the need of generating travelling costs from your side.
Project Support Services
Almanor International provides project support for foreign companies that want to participate in projects in Spain or Portugal; or promoted by Spanish or Portuguese companies.

  1. Relationship building
  2. Project follow-up
  3. Project Management
International Event Promotion Services
Almanor International collaborates with organizers of large international events to increase its impact within Spain and Portugal.

Case Studies

French Co. Industrial Group

FRENCH INDUSTRIAL CO. wants to grow inorganically in the Spanish market. They contact Almanor International, who performs a market check, identifies the most important players, introduces FRENCH CO. to them and shortlists the more appropriate and interested companies for FRENCH CO. A few weeks later, FRENCH CO. officials come to Spain to meet these companies and close a collaboration agreement.



USA CO. has identified an investment opportunity to buy a local company; but they want to keep their interest confidential in its first stages. Almanor International takes the role of approaching the project, contacting them, making a first report on the opportunity and serving as support to USA CO. throughout the entire process.

Brazil Association

Brazil Association is interested in building local relationships for its associates and partners in Brazil. Almanor organizes a 3-day trade mission for 10 Brazilian Associates who travel to Spain with a closed agenda of meetings. Additionally a networking event is organized in Madrid for an increased impact.

Irish Exhibition

Irish Exhibition organizer wants to promote the event within Spanish and Portuguese companies. Almanor International lists the most relevant companies from the industry, identifies the proper contacts and promotes the exhibition among them. Additionally, a few key companies are selected and invited to visit the exhibition at the organizer’s expense.

Local Contractor Co.

A large Spanish company has won a multi-million infrastructure contract in the LATAM region. A potential subcontractor contacts Almanor International who acts as its representative in front of the Spanish company and helps it to register, prequalify and be updated of the entire process.

Asian Event Organizer

A large international event is being organized in Asia. Almanor International is hired by the organizer to promote the event among the Spanish and Portuguese organizations. Almanor develops a communication and PR 18-month program throughout the different regions of the Iberian Peninsula, including a number of promotional events. The event multiplies its notoriety in the region.

How can we assist you?