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Almanor International is the result of the union of a group of top executives with great experience in Business Development.

From different managerial positions, we have dedicated the last 20 years to business development actions, from start-ups to large corporate expansion projects of different nature and objectives. Almanor International is the vehicle we use to put at your disposal all the knowledge and experience gathered by our team; and also our opportunity to professionalize and innovate an important but forgotten discipline as Business Development is.

Almanor International is an innovative business in its application, not in its origin , since business development has always been around us; but very seldom had been recognized as a discipline, professionalized or outsourced.

Our experience include starting companies or subsidiaries from zero, developing new international markets, strategy design and test or product acceptance tests, among others. What differentiates Almanor International from traditional market consulting is that we do not work merely with information which results in long reports. Almanor International works with facts as if we were your temporary Project Team, doing intensive fieldwork, visiting all the key market players, talking to stakeholders, and playing an active role in your business. All this directed to generate useful field market information with the objective of providing you with tools to help you assess your strategy or even to reevaluate your entrance in a certain market.