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Companies spend large amounts of money and distract a great amount of resources in entering new markets or niches. To open a subsidiary of a foreign company in Spain, can cost between 300.000 to 400.000 the first year of operation, plus a long time and effort spent in bureaucracy (47 days, 10 different processes and an important investment).

During starting periods outside our natural market, everything is demotivating, uncertain and instable: Have we made the right decision? Are we understanding the messages from the market players? How to manage language and cultural barriers? Is our team appropriate? Is this the correct timing? When will the first income arrive? In the meantime large amounts of money are spent, mostly in fixed expenses that will never be recovered if the business does not succeed.

Unfortunately, it is not until you have gone through that experience of many months (and large amounts of money spent) that you can assess if you had made the correct decision in starting this venture, or if your efforts had been put in the right direction.

Almanor International proposes the following to you: Do not make that investment yet and let us start your operations for a recommended period of three to twelve months. Almanor International will act as if we were your Project Team. We will go physically into the market, interact with the players, test your strategy and will come back to you periodically with information and potential sales. We will initially drive your project giving you 100% visibility and control.

When Almanor International finishes its job, two things might happen: (1) You might understand that your business was not meant to be successful for different reasons (and you would have saved your investment); or (2) You might have a consolidated strategy and solid understanding of the market and you would be ready to continue the business on your own (Almanor International would have saved you a lot of money and would have shorten and strengthen your market entrance). All this will happen before you make your initial investment.

Almanor International is to your company, a business insurance where we advance some time and effort previous to investing the resources, in order to guarantee as much as possible that your company will be welcome in the place where you are entering; or at least that you will have a strong knowledge about the tools that will need to be used in order to fight with certain capacity of success.

The Mission of Almanor International in the development of your business, is to minimize the human and financial impact of your new venture and to maximize your probabilities of success in a professional, transparent and efficient way.